A Fixer Co.

Shepherd is a fixer company. Since the world didn't ask for another agency, we started a consultancy focused on serving creativity. Based in Austin and Portland, we wrangle the best of advertising, pr, social media, digital, recruiting, design, analytics, content, production and business consulting in one syndicated model —to bring those fixes to life.



We feel like using marketing segmentation in integrated marketing is a bit like using leeches in modern medicine - entertaining for some, but not fit for purpose. So how do you get to human insight in the age of digital everything?



Brand & Product Marketers

So Much Data, No Insights - nothing in the stockpiles of data feels like a real human truth. 

The More For Less Paradox - you're consistently being asked to do more with less.

Thinking Not Making - you're spending almost as much on fee as you are on the work.

Never Enough Content - you're selling packaged goods, but feel like you're an editor at HuffPo.

The Ambiguous "Get More Digital" Mandate - you're given lakes, ponds and rivers of data, but no clear direction.

Behind In Innovation - there are new technologies and disruptors in your category and you feel behind.

That Damn Brand Purpose Keeps Coming Up - everyone's getting tired of talking about it, but the CEO isn't gonna let this one go. 

Talent, We Need Some - you need some outside perspective and maybe some names.

For The Love Of Data - can someone just look at it and tell me what we can actually do with it?

In-house Agencies

Please Just Tell Me Something That Feels True - you've assembled a crack team of talented creative directors, writers, designers, videographers and producers, but the briefs are ______.

What Are We Supposed To Make? - you're looking for a strategic creative partner that can focus the work.

Our Ideas Are Still For Sale - your most killer ideas are dying a slow death on the conference room wall.

Data-driven Wha? - analysts are giving briefings. Wha?


Escape From The Billable Hour - no time to focus on internal and client innovation outside of the billable machine.

Instant Crack Unit - the critical resources have worked into coma and you've just bagged a new pitch.

Can Someone, Anyone, Define Comms Planning? - this is the bane of your current existence.

Do We Need A Consultant? - you're asking this question.

We're also open to private equity/startup projects under our sister company, Shepherd Endeavors. If you're on the verge of funding or in A/B rounds and need to scale fast —give us a ring.





Dan Walsh is an expert at entrepreneurship, and connecting top-notch creative and digital talent. He scaled a 3-person web development shop in Portland, Oregon to become the integrated indie powerhouse, Roundhouse Agency — building a client roster of many of the world’s hottest brands. From Xbox to Fender, Yeti, Red Bull, KIND, and Adidas, he’s adding his business smarts and category-breaking experience as a co-founder at Shepherd.




Dave Burg is a strategist, creative, and lecturer. He's led some of the most awarded integrated campaigns in advertising. From Domino’s Pizza, to P&G’s global “Thank You, Mom,” to interactive Super Bowl campaigns for Coca-Cola, to helping Fruit of the Loom become Walmart’s preferred apparel partner with “The Professional’s Collection.” Dave held director roles at Wieden+Kennedy, Crispin, Porter+Bogusky, and R/GA prior to co-founding Shepherd.





Dean McBeth is an award-winning strategist, creative director, social media pioneer, marketer and speaker. From Old Spice to Nike, Formula 1 to Domino’s, his work is instantly recognizable in the ad industry, as well as taught at many well-renowned communications schools. He’s left behind a string of executive strategy & creative posts at Wieden+Kennedy, Barton F. Graf, Ketchum, Circuit of the Americas and Crispin, Porter+Bogusky to co-found Shepherd.